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How We Work

strategy, analysis, development, training, protected areas, market research, marketing, PR, feasibility studies

With an exceptional network of specialist researchers, experts and associates, we work with clients and partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors. We help to unlock the sometimes hidden value of natural and cultural heritage assets in order to create social and economic opportunities for destination communities through tourism, often in marginal rural destinations and those recovering from conflict, including emerging destinations and more established resorts. Every project is led personally by Dunira's managing director, who has a wealth of experience in tour operating, project management and tourism development.

With a commitment to multi-stakeholder principles of development and sustainable tourism, we have a particular interest in integrated strategies that engage all interested parties and build supply-chain links between tourism, community enterprises, local education and local agriculture. We always work closely with our clients and partners from inception to completion of a project, to ensure that the right results are achieved.

Our key skills and experience are in:


Tourism development

Dunira works with destination stakeholders and tour operators to develop appropriate new products, supported by an effective PR and marketing programme. Our plans are always built on a strategic analysis of the tourism assets and resources available in a destination, and reflect consumer demand and current market developments. To ensure sustainable success, our product proposals also address the needs of the wider community in ways that promote regional and cross-sectoral integration. Recent project examples




Protected areas and natural heritage

Dunira has considerable experience of working on tourism development and conservation projects in and around protected areas in countries including Georgia, Laos, Iran, Pakistan, Scotland, Sierra Leone and Yemen. Protected areas are often rife with development opportunities yet particularly vulnerable to mismanagement, hence stakeholder engagement, particuarly with local communities, and sound environmental management become all the more important. Using our wide network of expert associates, including anthropologists, biologists, economists, geologists, lawyers and sociologists, we devise social and environmental safeguard policies, implement portfolios of revenue-raising methods, develop products and services and build local capacity to the economic value of local resources is captured in a sustainable manner. Recent project examples




Cultural heritage


We design and deliver strategies that emphasise sustainable economic growth and place communities at the heart of developments, ensuring knowledge of the unique history and culture of destination informs visitors and local populations. With a focus on both built heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage, Dunira has devised training courses, educational and informational activities and opportunities, cultural heritage development plans for a range of clients internationally. Recent project examples





Strategic analysis, sustainable tourism policy and assessment

Dunira Strategy is able to assess opportunities within the context of wider tourism strategies and development policies, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Activities in this area could include economic modelling, environmental audit, surveys of tourism assets and resources, reviews of existing products and supply chains, training needs analysis, feasibility studies, and consumer research. Recent project examples




Auditing and certification

Dunira is an accredited auditor for Sustainable Travel International’s Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification Program™ (STEP) and Luxury Eco-Certification Standard (LECS). Recent project examples





Destination marketing and PR

Dunira has been engaged by a number of public and private clients to produce feasibility studies and comprehensive marketing plans and PR strategies for destinations including Iraq, Slovenia and Yemen. Using our team's experience of destination marketing, tourism management and sustainable development, in each destination we engage local and regional government, youth and community groups, environmental and sporting organisations, tour operators and accommodation providers to produce an integrated tourism strategy and development plan. Recent project examples




Training and capacity building

Putting a product development plan into effect depends on more than just a comprehensive PR and marketing strategy - although this is an essential component. We can advise clients on innovative IT solutions, efficient revenue management strategies, effective training programmes, capacity-building initiatives and environmental and corporate social responsibility policies, as well as the design of effective consumer marketing schemes through a variety of media and proven sales channels. Performance indicators are agreed, to ensure that the objectives are achieved. Recent project examples




Tour operator consultancy

Building on our team's solid background in tour operating, Dunira works with clients to identify opportunities for revenue and growth. This might be market research for a specific destination or sector, such as snowsports, the mature market or family holidays in the Mediterranean. Other business consultancy activities might include examining IT policies and stakeholder engagement strategies to ensure the effective distribution and successful operation of the company's products, as well as market entry strategies. Recent project examples




Feasibility studies and options appraisals

Dunira has a history of conducting well researched and evidence-based feasibility studies and options appraisals for a variety of tourism developments including ecotourism trails in Egypt, historic site conversions in Scotland, ski centres and conservation in the Caucasus, and mountain resorts in Lebanon. Recent project examples




Academic and market research

Dunira works with academic institutions and non-governmental and public sector organisations to carry out research on specific tourism issues and to design environmental indicators and development frameworks. Subjects can focus on individual destinations or market sectors, or on a specific study area, such as pro-poor tourism or supply-chain systems in a particular region. Dunira's body of research has provided evidence to parliamentary inquiries, as well as material for academic teaching and industry training. Recent project examples


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