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Please note that Dunira Strategy accepts no responsibility for the content of external websites.


Tourism News

The following sites provide the latest travel and tourism news. Some are regional, but most have international coverage.

TravelMole is an excellent UK-based tourism news service with particularly good coverage of
sustainable tourism issues. It also includes a useful network of tourism experts.

e-tid is a very good London-based website with coverage of the latest travel industry news.

scotexchange is the leading website for Scottish tourism and includes links to all the key regional organisations and events.

eTurboNews is an American subscription-based news service for the travel industry with 209,000 subscribers. It has excellent international coverage with regular in-depth articles on many emerging destinations.


Current Affairs

These are some of the most reliable websites for the latest international news in English.

BBC News

Sky News



Tourism NGOs

Several leading charities and other non-governmental organisations are working on tourism issues both in the UK and internationally. Dunira has worked in partnership with many of these.

Tourism Concern

This charity has published some excellent responsible travel codes for trekkers and young travellers and its website also include to links to many related organisations.

The Travel Foundation

The Foundation has published Insider's Guides to a number of mainstream holiday destinations and activities, which include innovative advice on sustainable tourism and responsible behaviours.

International Business Leaders Forum

Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales, this organisation is also responsible for two other programmes, one specifically for hotels and the other for tourism generally.

Leeds Tourism Group

The LTG's International Centre for Responsible Tourism brings together a growing team of tourism experts, including Professor Harold Goodwin and Doctor Xavier Font, with an interest in sustainable tourism development and project experience across many destinations.


Travel Advice

A number of governments publish official advice to travellers. These are some examples.

United Kingdom

The British Foreign Office has also published some excellent advice on sustainable tourism.



The German Foreign Ministry also publishes some information in English.

United States of America



TradeBoss provides a database of product import and export businesses.


Tourism Destinations

The following organisations promote tourism in some of the countries where Dunira operates. Some of these are the official sites of public tourist boards, whilst others are private commercial enterprises.



Czech Republic

Faroe Islands





Russian Siberia

Saudi Arabia



South Africa

Trinidad & Tobago





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